Relationships power growth
   Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone

Think first of the other fellow
   Dave Packard, from his 11 Simple Rules

Our Values

The people of Bavelos Group have worked for some of the best run, best managed companies in the world. We have built multiple successful companies from start-up through IPO. We know the sense of accomplishment that comes from teamwork, product leadership and customer success. These collective experiences shape our shared values; values which speak to who we are and embody what we believe.

Be Real –  Act with integrity, without compromise.  Avoid pretense and politics and humbly strive to do our best.

Listen and Learn – Seek to learn first and execute better.  Our work is a continuous journey of discovery.  There are no mistakes, just opportunities for improvement.

Customer Success is a Passion – Feel customer pain and work tirelessly and responsibly to set and exceed expectations.  Only our customer’s can define what is quality and what is value.

People drive our success – Be passionate about people and see business as the ultimate team experience. Think first of others and take a sincere interest in all points of view. Freedom of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation.

Profit fuels us – Profit is the means to do what we do and to do it responsibly.

Have fun – Strive hard for results and love doing it.   Smiles and good humor are necessary and contagious.